My Treatment Approach-Mark Emmerich BSW (Unisa)

My Treatment Approach

Your first session with me will be a general assessment, where we will get to know each other and decide if we are a good fit for each other. I will ask you quite few questions about your background and your family of origin. We will explore the events that brought you into therapy, and the processes that have led to you asking for help. You are free to ask me questions as well. I believe in transparency in dealing with my clients, and where appropriate will share with you my own life experiences and struggles.

I have an eclectic approach to counselling and therapy, and I will walk the journey with you at your pace. I help people to stop hurting themselves and others and to start living fuller lives. I work closely with you and your story. I watch people take responsibility for their lives. I cry with them, laugh with them. I coach, I learn, and I do some growing of my own.

I believe that it is never too late or too early to change your life. I work with young and old, males and females. I will help you explore the truth about your life, and Iím not afraid to be temporarily unpopular.

At times we will work in the here and now, exploring ways to improve your functioning and to engage with the world in a healthier way. At other times we will explore past traumas that keep playing out in dysfunctional patterns in your life.

I have developed an expertise in providing therapy for those afflicted with alcoholism and drug addiction. I offer therapy for those suffering from an obsessive - compulsive relationship with love and romance, or a dependency on toxic relationships. Furthermore, I specialize in treating sex addiction.

My work is largely focused on individual supportive and psycho educational therapy, closed therapy groups, couples counselling, and where appropriate integration in to various fellowships and support groups.